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Indigenous Ally Cap

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  • Indigenous Ally Cap
  • Indigenous Ally Cap
  • Indigenous Ally Cap
  • Indigenous Ally Cap
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What is an Indigenous Ally?

The term ally means that YOU recognize the privilege that settler cultures have and take for granted. It also implies that you challenge and work towards breaking down those barriers that continue to violate Indigenous communities. Being an ally requires social action, strength, courage, humility and a support network.

Here at Tuscarora WoodWorks, we always appreciate the amazing conversations we have with those of you who stop by. We feel it is through conversation that change begins to occur. We strive to use our Good Mind whenever we engage in these conversations. We also hear that you sometimes feel that wearing apparel with our cultural symbology doesn't always feel "right." So, we created something you can feel good about - something that shows the world you are an ally.

Introducing our new Indigenous Ally Cap, designed for those who want to proudly display their commitment to being an Indigenous Ally. This cap features a stunning 3D patch that depicts Turtle Island (the North American Continent). The patch is adorned with the colors of the Medicine Wheel, which represents the four directions, elements, and stages of life. The words "Indigenous Ally" are prominently displayed around the turtle, making it clear to everyone that you stand in solidarity with Indigenous people.

This Richardson 112 cap is made of high-quality materials, ensuring both durability and comfort. The cap also features an adjustable strap at the back, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Not only is this baseball cap a great fashion accessory, but it also serves as a powerful symbol of your commitment to being an Indigenous Ally. Wearing this cap, you can show your support for Indigenous communities and stand up against the injustices we face. So why wait? Order your Indigenous Ally baseball cap today and make a statement!

Learn how to be an Indigenous Ally here.

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